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Quality – We promise the highest quality herb plants. We are proud of each and every plant we ship to our customers. We grow these plants as if we are growing them for ourselves….which we are if you don’t buy them. We grow herbs because we love growing herbs. It’s more than a business… it is a passion. We don’t grow as many plants as we can and push them out the door, but we grow them with love and affection….ok maybe that’s going too far. Each herb is grown knowing that this may be the first time you have purchased a plant of this type or online and we want that experience to be a good one. If we have failed in any way please let us know as soon as possible so that we may fix whatever it may be.

Customer Service – We promise only excellent service. You will receive a quick response from The Herb Guy himself. Mostly cause no one else wanted the job. But that’s ok with That Herb Guy cause he only wants to make you happy! We all are here to serve you and make your experience as pleasant as possible so anyway we can help, please let us know.