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Meet That Herb Guy!

Welcome to That Herb Guy! Actually I guess we should say That Herb Family….but we’re not. We already bought ThatHerbGuy.com. So anyway That Herb Guy is a family run business. We are located in McMinnville Tennessee.  I was told when we moved here that we don’t live at the end of the world but you can see it from here…um that was a joke.  Anyway we are located in between Nashville and Chattanooga.

My name is Richard and I love herbs. Not only for the culinary and medicinal qualities but also for the beautiful and wonderful fragrance that many have, like Rosemary, Lavender, the Mints and many more. Herbs have been used for their culinary and healing properties for centuries. Herbs are easy to grow with few problems.

So if you are new to herbs, enter into this love hate… love relationship …(there is nothing to hate about herbs) with me or anybody else you would like to. If you are an experienced herbal loving person…(my own term) …may we learn from one another as we advance into the ever reaching, never ending, far out galaxy and universe of herbs. Sorry.. too much Star wars.

My hope is that not only can we bring you some great herb plants but that you grow in your knowledge of herbs and realize the gift of herbs that we have been given.